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Available for free download straight from the website itself, brand new fonts for everyone to use and enjoy. All of the supported symbols are shown on the images. Support for greek, all slavic and scandinavian languages incoming for classic font. As for Stronghold, it is rather ugly and not very readable so I won't bother with it anytime soon unless someone is interested. Konservsky fonts are free for all use and only require credit if used commercially.
Konservsky Stronghold

Konservsky Classic


Sounds of the Countryside
360 Sounds in OGG Format. They're lightweight and all together are ~5.5mb uncompressed. Features all kinds of Metal, Wood, Plastic, Door, Water, Train, Engine, Tool, Switch, Grass, Branch sounds, and a several ambient tracks you can loop. Use freely in your projects but do not reupload. Commercial use is allowed freely too.


Currently Missing, but i have them saved and will bring them back soon.


42 Shoot'em ups in 2 Minutes (August 2016)
In The Woods (February 2017)

Doom Wads

The Underground (UNDER.WAD)

??/08/2015 | 3 Maps | Doom 2 | Doom 2 Format
Mars City Underground has been under a demonic invasion, and you've been sent there to eliminate all of the monsters. My first doom wad, featuring strange map design choices.
Nukage Refinery Plant (NUKREFP.WAD)

??/08/2017 | 3 Maps | Doom 2 | UDMF Format
A Nukage Refinery Plant has been taken over by demons, and your mission is to get rid of them.

And also...

Galaxee Theme For Windows 7
Comes with a nice desktop picture from http://www.galaxee.no/