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Konservsky Stronghold

Konservsky Classic


42 Shoot'em ups in 2 Minutes (August 2016)
In The Woods (February 2017)

Doom Wads


??/08/2019 | ? Maps | Doom 2 | UDMF Format
Work In Progress.. Check out the new enemies and stuff

Nukage Refinery Plant (NUKREFP.WAD)

??/08/2017 | 3 Maps | Doom 2 | UDMF Format
A Nukage Refinery Plant has been taken over by demons, and your mission is to get rid of them.
The Underground (UNDER.WAD)

??/08/2015 | 3 Maps | Doom 2 | Doom 2 Format
Mars City Underground has been under a demonic invasion, and you've been sent there to eliminate all of the monsters. My first doom wad, featuring strange map design choices.

And also...

Galaxee Theme For Windows 7
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