I Am Back From The Grave

          The death (or should i say killing) of galaxa struck a massive blow to my site and games. I wish it never happened but to be more precise i wish the events of the year before galaxa never happened either, I have pretty much spent 2 years destroying and putting back my shit only to burn it to ashes, now I don't have a whole lot to go about, the only thing is that i did recover ALL the games, because i just happened to had found a second back up after the initial deletion spree, which then was sent to Durdge and he preserved it in a jar. I do not have the source files that i can edit however, which pisses me right off, oh well. But then again, source files of Airplane Defense and MiND 3D were lost completely only weeks after those games were made anyways. I've lost far too much shit over these years it's unbelievable. I do not understand what the hell that was all about so lets move on to the next thing.
The website is being restored but rather slowly. I think the best design i've ever had was definitely Galaxa's final design, so i am just gonna recreate that (the original is uneditable as it was made in Kompozer and its a complete puke salad of code). There were some great conjured up after Galaxa fell (I can remember atleast 5, one of them i sent to durdge once so i got it back too), i'd probably put those as archives, but i have nothing left so it won't happen.
As for the name, I have conjured up the greatest name known to man. This is the name you see on here now and the name I will use forever from now on. I can't believe I spent all these years trying to conjure up something good and then it just comes to me randomly? A gift from god? Or a joke from the jester? Atleast we can agree that it's a blessing.
As for the games, everything from 2016 should be downloadable, other years not so much. Rum 6 (5 Bottles of rum) is available and maybe revenge of the chicken. I'll try to put everything up in the coming days. I hate most of the games i made so i am gonna update them and make them better later on.
It really pisses me off because if i started a year earlier then i'd already be working on something brand new, if i started two years earlier i would still have most of the files, if three years earlier then well, that's when galaxa started, might have aswell made better stuff and not destroyed anything, and i could continue. Looks like I'm not being transferred over into the past any time soon which is a great shame. I fucked up big time.
But what about the games? Next ones that i will upload will probably be KLoP3D, MiND 3D (surprise, it IS coming back!!!!), maybe also acid 3D part 1 and part 2 but maybe not, because working with the program i made them on is a pain in the arse. Hopefully now that i am back in action we will recover.. and make more great games.
Otherwise yeah, what a waste of shit load of time those years were. Time to get back in action. I am no longer the real infernal but more of a replacement of infernal, real infernal was killed when galaxa was killed, or maybe even half a year earlier, when the first big deletion spree occured. But do i really want to be that infernal? I always wanted to go back, but specifically for improving things, not for doing the same retarded nonsense all over again.
Hmmm this was supposed to be a quick rundown of what i did on the site but instead its just galaxa talk. But i guess there aint a whole lot to go about anyways yet. New Shit Coming Soon. Hopefully time travel too.

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