Konservsky Restoration Projekt - 21/12/2020

          We had 3 reconstructions, project freefall, and the great resurrection, all aimed at improving the games and website, or restoring stuff. So what is the Restoration Projekt?
I've lost a big chunk of my games and recovered them only because someone kept them. The problem is, most of them turned out to be older versions of games themselves. My mission now is mostly about fixing stuff withing the games and putting them back properly. That is part I. Part II is rolling out games that were worked on while my website was offline. Those games are around 90% done and just need some quick work and i will put them here. They will however be released according to the inital dates of release, in a way, retroactively. What else... i've lost all articles so i am rewriting. The restoration projekt is aimed at putting my website into a more or less ideal shape and moving on to work on new things. Once the projekt is complete, i will delete this article and erase all traces of these tamperings. Although i may change my mind. Time will show.

Amazing things will happen here soon. You just wait.

Music of Eternal Tranquility

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