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Action Report - 21/08/2021

Action Report - 21/09/2021

Time Flies... Away Goes The Past..

          Well well well, it's been some time. I've been meaning to post this action report for almost 2 months now, but ended up doing it only now because, well, quite frankly there wasn't anything to report on, as usual.

First of, I need to post my prank music albums onto this site, the latest one being from july of this year. It is called "Revenge of the Fat Man" and I kept uploading it onto youtube under the names of upcoming metal albums, until publishers came forwards and banned my channel. Since I'd have to put my number into youtube again to post the whole thing I'm just not gonna bother doing that and will put it on here as I was supposed to do a while ago. But I am too lazy, so yeah. Additionally, I've been thinking of a name link and name for the site in general, because Konservsky is a really stupid name and a long link anyways. It was inspired by the song "Konservniy Nozh" which means can opener so I thought it was witty at the moment when I needed something. But now it just sucks. Apart from that, I need to put back the link to the sound collection I made. And maybe something else, but to be honest I can't be arsed.

Or maybe i will get interested in posting something sometime soon. I wanted to put together a beverage review page (and I have done that infact, it just needs a little more work and it can be posted here) where I'd review beer and other stuff like that, but we shall see. Let's keep hibernating for now..

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