Happy Great Resurrection Day (23/02/2021)

          Back in 2017, not on this exact day but around a week earlier, actually I do not know what date it was and the archives of that website are lost, but anyways, around this date "The Great Archive 2000" incarnation of the website came to be after over a month of no new games. It brought on a ton of new games but also continued the descent into chaos. In 2018 this day was celebrated and we had a game jam.. that no one participated in, I didn't make anything for it either because I had just released Rum IV after a week of combinig hard work and playing System Shock 2. Check out the music I recommend on there, it is real good. 2018 is 3 years away now, goddamn, too fast. See you soon on another edition of.. the infernal memoirs, parte 12,278. Who would have known that 4 years later i'd still be resurrecting the goddamned website??? The second timeline is coming.. and with it, infinite tranquility...

The Great Resurrection Theme
More Music.. Zappa
2017 February 24th Theme
Theme II - Watch Superjail, It is good

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