(01/01/2021) I Am Back From The Grave
(29/12/2017) History of the Website

Reviews & Music

(Coming Soon) Overkill: Ranked & Reviewed
(05/05/2021) Iron Maiden: Ranked & Reviewed
(Coming Soon) Accept: Ranked & Reviewed
(18/04/2021) Angel Witch: Ranked & Reviewed
(Coming Soon) Synthwave: The Best Of
(Coming Soon) Beyond The Sunset: Relaxing Music
(2015-2021) Music of the Month

My Equalizer Setting For Windows 7


(16/01/2021) Wade Gielzecki Interview
(24/08/2019) Ryan J.Bury Interview
(27/09/2017) Jake Clover Interview
(31/08/2017) Macabre Interview
(31/08/2017) Dany Burton Interview
(30/08/2017) Juraj Kusenda (Speedos) Interview

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