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02/08/2021 - Good day bastards. I have planned to interview EA Group (creator of City Racing, Sky Track, Martian Transporter and the like, find them all on gametop) and he agreed, but then, after the questions were sent, he asked me to send my site first and ended up saying he can't answer the questions. What are the chances he went straight to spam page and realized he doesnt want his company name to bring up urethras during search? Well this sucks bigly bigly. I am bloody lazy therefore nothing is coming, but in the case that I stop being lazy, I will once again change the site's link, then redo all the credits, perhaps translate this site into another language and then i dont know, make a new game? I have some stuff I could release but i am far too lazy to even slightly push it towards that. FIN!
23/07/2021 - I have some news regarding the site, but i'll leave them for next week. Outside of that, if you happen to posess a copy of Jbeat2k5/6/9 whatever last number there is, the copy of his track " Beanin' " please share. It is only available on youtube in poor quality as "Mr bean techno remix".
26/06/2021 - MAINTENANCE IN PROGRESS... Images may not load
23/06/2021 - Haven't been updating the website lately, a new game and a plethora of site-related updates is coming.
17/06/2021 - I'm gonna redesign the gallery page as it currently loads too much shit...
07/06/2021 - New Picture, "Hungry Demonoid"...
29/05/2021 - 6 Years In Action. Scroll Down for a cool pic. Might write an article later...
15/05/2021 - Updated the iron maiden ranking again. There will be a few more updates to it in the coming days.
06/05/2021 - Updated the ranking a bit. Removed "retroactive" releases that were never released from games page.
05/05/2021 - Iron Maiden album ranking is ready. Up the irons or up the arse.
28/04/2021 - Horseradish Gluckenspiel Orange Theme has been engaged.
20/04/2021 - Yahoo Answers is DEAD. I posted my last yahoo posts and updated the image. Additionally, all the articles that were underneath the images will be now on a separate page. Some of them may not be available yet.
05/04/2021 - Yahoo Answers is being shut down in 15 days. Come visit the spam section soon to say goodbye to yahookers, lvl 7's, anonymous bastards and our dearest and nearest - kelvin.
26/03/2021 - And another one.
18/03/2021 - Finished another drawning.
15/03/2021 - Put back missing drawnings and download links for Fuck Thermometer and Dads Driving License.
14/03/2021 - Updated the Music of the month article. New drawnings and pages coming soon, i am just a bit busy these days.
09/03/2021 - Brought back the Hall of Fame, although I don't like it in it's current form and I want to give every person/company on it a full page. Coming soon i guess... Also put the 404 page back as it was missing for some reason.
08/03/2021 - Quick Update: New Articles - Pes Bobi Memorial and an action report, also added some previously missing drawnings.
23/02/2021 - Happy great resurrection day!!! It's been 4 years since, i wrote an article about it. Today I brought back the gallery and other stuff pages. Enjoy.
22/02/2021 - Transfer Administrator 2.0 is finally available, replacing the old version. Go play it now bastards. Also brought back Rum 7, Rum 8 and all the games i previously removed. Also a new article regarding my new treatment of the games page.
19/02/2021 - By the way, I do not post about spam page updates here since the page itself has the last update date shown. Come visit it for new pictures every week.
13/02/2021 - Added the history article, may change it's design later. Updated the homepage. More soon.
30/01/2021 - I have not been very active lately, working on a new version of Transfer Administrator and the website generally. Hopefully new shit soon.
16/01/2021 - New Interview is available: This time with Wade Gielzecki.
11/01/2021 - Quick Report, I am slowly restoring the site. Many games that were restored are old versions, but since i have the files I am slowly reuploading the actual versions of those games. Correct Versions were uploaded for: MrBean Vs Scatman 3D, Pure Black 3D and KLoP3D
31/12/2020 - Happy New Year, enjoy the new site.